I learned the hard way not to hold another baby while at the doctors office after my son developed salmonella after I held the other baby.

Also,  You must always wash your hands after changing the babies diaper.  Boil your glass bottles or run them through a dishwasher separately from all the other dishes.  Never leave milk out of the refrigerator for more then 1 hour.  And use a hidden baby monitor on every caregiver that you use for your baby even if it is a relative.

In this video you will learn more tips then what I have shared.  I would also suggest that you breast feed your new born baby for the first 3 months.  That improves the immune system of the baby, develops a unique bond between the mother and child and also helps mommy to get rid of baby fat.

 Don't forget to take your baby to church and dedicate it to the Lord so that God will keep HIS hand on your child.  Also, make sure to keep up with your babies vaccinations to help protect the baby from infectious diseases.  The American Academy of Pediatrics has the schedule of vaccinations listed here.

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